Jenni’s workshop is in an idyllic location on farm with chickens scratching around the yard. It was quiet and calm and the perfect place to design and create her wonderful painterly arrangements.
Although the weather was grey, rainy and cold, inside was warm and cosy and filled with treasures. Her ‘wall’ of floral pictures was impressive, look at her Instagram if you are unfamiliar with it. Both Vic and I need to scour second hand markets now to try and create the same vibe.
Jenni is such a calming and thoughtful person, we sat down with her and instantly felt comfortable and welcomed into her space as she opened up to us about her business and journey into the world of florals.
Her podcast episode is lovely and you’ll be surprised about her background before floristry. I definitely had her down as someone who had been creating for her whole career. Thank goodness she found floristry.

Her work and her images are all evocative of beautiful Dutch Masters paintings, she has a real eye for creating romance and timeless beauty. I have a very visual imagination and sometimes my mind conjours up images and stories, when I look at Jenni’s Instagram page I see tablescapes of her arrangements with opulent banquets taking place around them… maybe a bit of poetry thrown in for good measure. Can you tell that I love a good period drama and a happy ending!

We will definitely be chatting with Jenni again very soon. There is so much more that we all wanted to discuss and maybe next time we’ll do it over a beer or a gin, I think we all deserve one with times being uncertain and worrying for everyone at the moment (Oh no, I made reference to The Virus).
Thank You so much Jenni for taking the time to chat with us, you are amazing and we look forward to doing it all again soon.