On the podcast this week, Thursday 18th March 2021, the episode is with Catherine Foxwell of Floral Evolution.
Catherine is a positive force and completely inspired us with her upbeat words. Even in this time of Covid and lockdowns, she remains bright and breezy and we both felt that we needed to ‘be more Catherine’.
Catherine’s work is beautiful, her colour palettes are divine and her photographs show her arrangements off perfectly… she takes them all on her iPhone! Yes I repeat iPhone, we were totally gobsmacked and have vowed to totally up our photo game.


Catherine provides floral arrangements for weddings and events, she also has a bouquet delivery service. More recently she has offered a mentorship programme for black and people of colour florists. The mentor programme started during covid lockdown and she plans to continue this for the foreseeable future.
for more information about Catherine’s work and services pop over to her website
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Jess and Vic