Good Monday morning to you all.
This Thursday, 25th March 2021, our podcast guest is Rachel from Green and Gorgeous.
Long have we admired Rachel’s beautiful flowers and the images of her flower farm, so chatting with her for this episode was dreamy

Last Autumn, Jess went to the Green and Gorgeous flower farm, just outside Wallingford, to a course with Rachel. She did the Flower Farming for Beginners course and loved every moment… the lunch was a bit fantastic too.
We were both hoping that the interview would be able to take place in person but this was not to be. There will be a visit later on this year and Vic plans to buy ALL the flowers!

Rachel is completely inspiring, a real story of loving what you do and accepting the highs and lows that the British weather and garden pests bring. The flowers from her farm are so beautiful and healthy and captured perfectly by Eva Nemeth who takes stunning photographs of the blooms and Rachel and her dog too.

Tune into the episode on Thursday and if you don’t already,  please start following Green and Gorgeous on Instagram and look at their beautiful website. You can book courses and buy seeds collected from the farm too. Jess has been seed shopping already and is sowing Green and Gorgeous seeds in the hope of producing blooms Rachel would be proud of. 


Jess and Vic xxx