Well, what a podcast recording we’ve got for you this week, slightly different to usual.

Vic has unfortunately been dealing with her little boy not being very well so for one time only, I went solo!! I really hope I didn’t mess it up too badly.
Luckily, I had the joy of chatting with Saffy and Verity from The Bath Flower School. These two are full of smiles and warmth which made talking with them so easy and they made me feel very comfortable. They said they were nervous but none of that came across at all.
I think we could probably do another whole interview to chat about all the bits I forgot to ask about, these girls had so much info to give that talking with them was a pleasure.

I really enjoyed finding out about the school and how they set it up, also the Covid conversation had to happen as their school had only just got going when the pandemic hit. Thankfully, they are looking forward to being able to open their doors on April 12th. A new start, a new location but the same two smiling faces to greet you on arrival.

We should have chatted more about the students who come through the school but completely missed that part of the conversation, Vic would have kept it all on track, going solo is hard.

“our school is completely student centred and we spend a lot of time and energy making sure everyone feels happy, comfortable and cared for. Which in turn means they are free and able to realise their potential and really flourish! Literally”

The school has a brilliant range of courses to suit everyone, from professional florists wanting to learn new skills to students who have never touched a flower before. I really want to do to do all their courses and I’m sure you’ll think so too.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I promise never to record again on my own.
Thank You so much Verity and Saffy, I’m so happy that you get to open up again and I can’t wait to see more happy pictures of your students very soon.

Jess (and Vic) xx