Well, congratulations and huge good luck to all you florists who managed to open up their shops yesterday and welcome people in. We really hope you had busy days and there will be plenty more to follow.
The last few weeks have been a bit disrupted fro Vic and I so on this weeks blog post I actually want to shine a light on our very own Vic, Ivy Amelia Florals.
We are unable to bring you our usual Thursday podcast recording as Vic is still caring for her 4 year old. An ongoing high temperature has taken him into hospital to try to find out more.
So I thought we should all show Vic some love and I’m going to highlight to you all what a fantastic florist she is.
I would say Vic’s style is completely romantic, opulent, dreamy and she definitely likes to add a large scale element to the events she designs. She honestly puts her all into each and every piece. Having freelanced for Vic I can also tell you what a perfectionist she is too, it’s become a bit of a joke 😂 between us.
Vic never runs away from a challenge and is always so prepared for every occasion. Her van always seems to hold everything you may need, it’s awesome, or just the sign of true professional.
I’m sure lovely Vic will slightly cringe at this blog post but I don’t care, I think her work needs to be shown off a bit more so I’ll sing her praises for her.

I’d love you to pop over to Vic’s website https://ivyameliaflorals.co.uk
or her Instagram @ivyameliaflorals
Give her a follow, send her a supportive message.
We know from experience how wonderful this floral community has become and you are all so generous and kind with your compliments and help to others, so bravo to you lot too.

I’m not sure how many weeks we’ll be having a podcast break for but we will be back very soon as we have some amazing florists and growers booked in for chats with us. I’ll keep you all updated on our Instagram page.

Love Jess xxx