Vic was back with me to record this weeks podcast episode, her little boy is on the mend and back to his usual energetic self, phew.

This week we spoke with Liz from The Southwold Flower Company. We have both long admired the images on the website and on Instagram so were really excited to find out more about the business. And what a business it is!

Liz and husband Roger have created a wonderful haven for flower lovers. They have a 5 acre flower farm and offer pick your own days, workshops, a gift shop, local flower deliveries, wedding flowers and dried flowers too. The farm is most definitely somewhere you could spend hours taking photographs and cutting yourself your dream bunch of blooms.

I really struggled to choose pictures for this post, each image on the Website and Instagram grid is absolutely perfect. Liz has a real talent and passion for photography and you can tell from each picture.

Find out more about workshops and open days over on the website

and tune in to Girl Flower Podcast this Thursday to hear all about Liz and Roger’s wonderful flower farm.

Jess and Vic xxx