Thank You all so very much for listening to us and our wonderful guests on Season 3 of Girl Flower Podcast, and for putting up with our interrupting and flippant comments.

This series has been filled with inspirational guests with wonderful advice. We thank each and every one of them for taking time out to talk with us and being so open about their experiences and businesses. From the amazing comments we get sent, we know that our recordings have become a really useful resource to florists and growers all over this messed up planet. 

We have gone from complete lockdown and tears to the rules now relaxing and we know many of you are back to weddings and farm gate sales. We have both been making the most of seeing friends and family, wearing all our wooly jumpers sat outside for unseasonal barbecues. Last weekend umbrellas were involved too!

For all you growers, we know the wonderful British weather has been causing havoc and your plots are not as you would like them to be but, it will happen, if we can get through a year of very little trade in a global pandemic then we can get through anything.

Wow have been blown away by this lovely flowery community of ours, through some of the darkest time in the pandemic we saw you all commenting on each others posts, offering help and advice and generally being your lovely selves. You’ve all shared you good times as well as the bad and although we have not met any of your the flesh, or even the gusts we have interviewed, we feel as though we know you. We’ve even made some damn good friends who we’ve never met 😂

So with all that said, we are going to be taking a little break from releasing the podcast episodes. We are chock a block full with recording but with weddings, Vic is completely snowed under and with growing, Jess can’t keep up with demand so editing will have to wait. It won’t be too long we promise.

Until we are back with you, Here are a few things that have recently landed on our doorsteps that you might want to look up.

Jess and Vic

The Healing Power of Flowers
by Clare Bowen and Eva Nemeth.
Such a beautiful book and perfect to find meaningful blooms for special occasions.
This fabulous book just landed today and I can’t wait to sit in my comfy chair with a glass of red wine and get stuck in. Vic laughs at me because Holly Tucker MBE is my total girl crush. I love what she does and how she supports all the small businesses out there. High Five for Holly xxx
British Flowers! Buy them, use them, grow them. The more lovely florists that use them, the more growers we will gain and wonderful floral things will happen.
the bees will thank you for it.
COVID TESTS, keep doing them folks. Hopefully this is the way we. can keep it under control and keep ourselves safe xxx