This week on Girl Flower Podcast we are chatting with Clare Wilder of Clementine Moon. Clare is a studio based wedding florist based in the South West UK.

Clare is a career changer but her designs are so beautiful, light and gorgeous that it’s a surprise she has not been doing it longer.

She has a fantastic Instagram account and website with a brand new logo coming soon. there was a sneak peek on Instagram and it looks perfect for the Clementine Moon brand.

We love Clare’s use of colour too, she really does have a great eye. She uses a lot of seasonal British blooms which really influences her work and the look of her arrangements. Check out some of her work below.

Thank You for joining is Clare, kit was a total pleasure to talk with you.

Jess and Vic xx


Since I write the blogs, I thought I’d show you a little bit of what I’ve been up to.


It is my first growing year and it has been a challenge so far. Too cold to start with, then too dry and now we are having incredible heavy rain which has flattened a few crops too. BUT, I have blooms and I’m selling them too which is incredible. I have a monthly farmers market spot now and some wonderful florists who are using me regularly.
I already know the changes I need to make next year to be able to provide a constant flow of flowers but stick with me guys and gals, the future looks floral.
Check out my Instagram and give me a follow if you would like to watch it all develop.


Ta, Jess xxx