Well, what a treat for you… and for us actually.
This week on Girl Flower Podcast, we have the utterly incredible Tattie of Tattie Rose Flowers.
Such an incredible talent, a true inspiration and a complete super hero too.


Firstly, we must say, the Tattie Rose Flowers Instagram and website are an absolute triumph, we keep getting lost in the portfolio on the website where each and every image is gorgeous, a complete fairytale set up. Secondly, she is an incredible human! creating weddings with a newborn baby in her arms while living apart from her husband during the week, we honestly don’t know how she manages to stay so calm and delightful. We would have crumpled and cried whereas Tattie spoke of it as just ‘how things were’.
Don’t worry, the family are together now in location and is business and life is very foliage and flower filled for the Tattie Rose family.

Tattie seems to look at a room and completely imagine a dream setting. She is not afraid to use huge branches, swathes of foliage and lots and lots of candles and she completely creates a feeling and emotion in her arrangements. We are blown away by every arrangement she shows in her website and grid.
You obviously all follow her already… right??? well if not, don’t miss out any longer. Follow her today and tune in on Thursday and hear her talk about her wonderful floral life.