This year seems to have been as hard as 2020, in a completely different way but still so very difficult. The workloads have been incredible after a whole year of no events, everyone has been playing catch up.

There have been so many weddings… sooooo many! it’s been like 3 years worth in one and I know that Vic and I are both ready for a rest. Vic is currently working on her last wedding of the year and I have just finished another day of wreath making. It will soon be time to put our trees up and hunker down for a few weeks rest before 2022 comes along and we are wham back in to planning workshops, podcast episodes and meet ups.

So, I successfully got through my first full year of flower growing and I can’t wait for next year. I have learnt so many things, what to grow more of, what not to bother with and that I need about 4 more acres of land.

Vic, has been so incredibly busy with teaching, weddings, her little boy has had every germ going AND she got married too!

 I thought I should share pictures of us with our Mr Girl Flowers, these two put up with so much from us and support us all the way, honestly, that can’t be easy.

Next year, we have some very exciting workshops to organise with some of our favourite podcast guests, a few mini meet ups too and more fabulous podcast guests to chat to. There’s still time to order a calendar too.

Enjoy your festivities this year, however you choose to celebrate. We’ll be back with you soon.


Jess and Vic xxx

Girl Flower Podcast Calendar 2022