We are so happy to welcome Cel from Forever Green Flower Company back to the  podcast.

Cel talked on the pannel at The Garden Museum back in September, the subject was sustainability within the floral industry. We know how passionate and well informed she is about this subject and felt she had so much more to say, it’s also a huge issue with so many branches to it we couldn’t possibly delve in to every aspect. So we have let Cel talk and give us all a starting point to think about and look in to further.

Both Florists and Growers will find this episode extremely informative, we were both gobsmacked by some of the statistics she shared with us.

“question everything”.

We will both endeavour to think about these two words far more, never accept anything at face value, look into where the information comes from and make our own minds up about how we feel about it. We’re both guilty of taking in all the pretty and and not questioning the back story, we’re going to do better from now on!

Below are the notes that Cel sent over, good places to start if you are interested in researching a bit further.

We really hope you enjoy the episode, listen with a note pad and pen.


Jess and Vic