I can’t imagine there is a florist or grower in the UK that is not aware of Claire Brown and her business, Plant Passion. Just in case there are one or two of you that have not come across her yet then here is a bit about Claire…. she’s bloody AMAZING!!!


Claire is based down in the Surrey Hills and grows beautiful, top quality blooms for florists, for weddings and for local businesses too. She runs flower clubs, workshops, farm tours and pick your own days which seems like a lot to take on.

BUT she is also a very active member in Flowers From The Farm and has been from the start when she met Gill Hodgson and helped her turn the idea into a business.


AND Claire also runs courses on growing and selling flowers with Carol Siddorn https://www.carolsgarden.co.uk and Paula Baxter https://millpondflowerfarm.co.uk. I have done one of their online courses and refer back to my notes and their information regularly. I would highly reccomend this course to anyone who is interested in starting to grow and sell flowers, there is so much more to think about than you realise. These ladies know their stuff, from websites to promotion to pricing and all the practical bits too. Carol’s hoop tunnels are a thing of beauty!


AND she wrote a book!!! of course, with all that spare time. Not just any book, The British Flower Book, the absolute best book when looking at what will be in flower in which month in the UK. This has been such a resource to me when showing examples to Brides and checking that I have my seasonal selections all sorted too.

Listen to Claire’s podcast episode with a note book in front of you.


I’ve listened back twice and will do so again, such a great interviewee and I will certainly be dropping by on one of your open days xxx

Thank You Claire

Jess and Vic