The kids went back to school today after half term and I’m sure they are relieved. Last week was a bit of a let down for them, no plans, terrible weather and working parents. Oh well, they are used to it.

Yesterday was the first sunny day in a while and I walked with the daughter and the dog. We felt warm and dry for the first time in a while and noticed the Ranunculus in the tunnel are all budding up, signs that Spring will soon be here.

We planted tomato seeds and squash, maybe a bit early but she’s been desperate to start planting and I’m just thrilled she’s becoming interested in growing. I think it’s so important for her to learn to nurture and grow her own food. I think I’m trying to re-live my childhood a little too.

To all the growers and gardeners who lost ploy tunnels, green houses and crops, we hope you are able to replant and mend all the damages.

I found this company and think that if these tunnels can withstand Shetland storms then this may be what I’ll invest in next!

Not sponsored just trying to help.

I spent a couple of nights listening to the wind and imagining my poly tunnel blowing down the A5 toward Towcester with me running after it. Luckily it remained in tact, purely due to the wind direction I think. I’m sheltered by a barn on one side but the rest of the plot is open and very, very windy at the best of time. My husband had only just repaired all m y wind fencing and he is definitely a fencing genius as it is ALL still there. I think he should start a new fencing business!


I am not even sure how to best navigate my way through this part. My heart is broken for all the people living through this utterly terrible war and I feel powerless to help.

I am attaching a link for anyone who feels able to donate, Girl Flower Podcast has made a donationan we truly hope this will help somebody in some way.


Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine, such a happy flower to post in terrible times.

To end on a funny note…

Mistake number 1, Vic went to the dentist a whole month early this morning 😂 she did manage to wait and get seen due to a cancellation but it meant I had to podcast alone.

Mistake number 2, I set up an appointment system to make our podcasting a bit more proffesional, messed it all up and double booked people all over the place (software is cleverer than me). System abandoned, many emails to and fro and managed to record two lovely episodes today. They’ll be coming your way in the next few weeks.

Stay safe everyone, keep positive and lets all keep hopeful that the next few days and weeks bring positive news from Ukraine.


Love Jess